Top 10 Script Notes From The Marketing Department

10. Can the robot be drinking Pennzoil?
9. Maybe he breaks up with her because she doesn’t like Starbucks…
8. This guy needs a catchphrase!
7. Would it be weird if the caveman had a MacBook?
6. This won’t play well with teens…research suggests they hate scenes over a minute long.
5. It could be funny if the climax of the movie was sponsored by KY. Just a really tasteful logo that flashes on the screen a few seconds.
4. That’s not how Orci does it…
3. Funerals make people depressed. Can it be a beach party instead?
2. We’re already at page 30 and you haven’t set up the sequel yet.
1. I’m just spitballing here…but maybe the dog’s name is Old Navy.


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