YouTube video fails to draw interest from studio, agencies, more than 15 people

Produced on a budget of $50, USC student Alex Whitmore’s short film about giant vacuum cleaners invading New York failed to garner the attention of more than 15 random web surfers.

“I was hoping it’d be the next web sensation,” said Whitmore, who shot, edited and did all the effects for ‘NYSuck’ on a laptop, using Final Cut. “But it just didn’t catch on. Still, maybe I can get repped off it someday.”

Unlike viral videos such as “Ataque de Panico,” “The Raven” and “Pixels,” all of which earned their creators notoriety and instant Hollywood cred, Whitmore’s shoddily-helmed video was greeted with complete apathy by the handful of people who have seen it.

“this vid blows,” commented YouTube user ‘bobbX7.’ “epic fail.”

Several aspiring screenwriters were encouraged by the video’s failure, citing their belief that the only “real” way to make it in Hollywood is to write a great script.

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