Angry emoticon totally uncalled for, claims message board member

‘Don’t give me that look!’ he fires back

A red, scowling emoticon recently set off an epic message board fight that resulted in at least two members vowing to never again post in the screenwriting forum. According to SirTypesALot44, the use of the small icon, meant to indicate disdain and anger, was totally uncalled for.

“It’s not surprising that stupid face is the best you can do, you fvcking hack!” he wrote to JimmyShire, a longtime rival on the board. “I’m out of here…for good this time. You all won’t have me to kick around anymore.”

And leave he did, but not before unloading a 3,400-word rant detailing not only the reasons he was leaving, but everything else that was going on in his life.

“I just went through a DIVORCE, okay?” he wrote. “So the last thing I need is more drama from wannabes. I’ve seen your pages in the feedback threads. Awful. I can’t decide which is worse – your writing or your attitude.”

As SirTypesALot44 and JimmyShire traded insults and nearly a dozen more emoticons, professional screenwriter Bob Telford – known on the boards as BigB – decided he too would depart.

“I’m just disgusted by all of it,” he said. “I came here to dispense advice and hang out with other writers. Inevitably, every thread these days turns into an argument between two people who will probably never make it in the business anyway.”

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