Man takes out home equity loan to pay for movie ticket, medium popcorn

Kevin Wellmeyer recently borrowed against his Pasadena home in order to pay for a night at the movies. Just don’t expect him to be upset about it.

“It’s totally worth it,” he said. “That new A-Team movie looks awesome! And so what if I had to leverage my house because I wanted a reasonably-sized popcorn?”

According to Wellmeyer, “they could raise ticket prices 3000%” and he’d still pay to see movies like The Karate Kid, Sex And The City 2, and Shrek Forever After.

“First of all, the quality of films just keeps better and better, so I’m willing to pay more,” he said. “Secondly, this is really my only entertainment option when you think about it. What else am I gonna do, watch something online for free?”

Once the equity of his house is fully tapped, Wellmeyer plans to pay for future trips to the theater by selling his organs on the black market.

“No price is too high,” he said. “I’d trade a kidney for a ticket to Toy Story 3 any day.”

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One response to “Man takes out home equity loan to pay for movie ticket, medium popcorn

  1. Janet Jackson

    Ahhh funny funny. Makes me think of Idiocarcy which was a great movie imho.

    Just saw Men Who Stare at Goats, no female roles, fell asleep half way through, and I never do that when there is red wine still left in the bottle. Sacre bleu!

    That Hurt Locker, giant piece of propaganda crap. Hated it so much, and I went in wanting to love anything by a female Oscar director, but uh, no.

    Better to just watch reruns of Arrested Development for great laughs.

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