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Script Track – February 24, 2009

The Bookkeeper
Gripping tale of one bean counter’s harrowing journey as he brings down a casual dining restaurant chain.
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Based on John Grisham’s novel of the same name.

Frank Lloyd Wrong
The world’s worst architect is commissioned to design a town’s new municipal building, only to find out he was chosen because the outgoing Mayor wants to insult the city with the ugliest building ever created.
Writer: Ben Wexler

Cougar For Hire
Plot being kept under wraps. Jennifer Aniston attached to star.

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Script Track — December 2, 2008

Impersonal Computer
A man’s desktop PC comes to life, but has no personality whatsoever. The man has 24 hours to teach the PC to enjoy life before it runs out of memory and crashes forever.
Writer: Ben Wexler

Musical comedy set in 14th century Europe, during the worst years of the plague. The plot revolves around a farmer who pines for a woman that wretches three times an hour.

Lunch at Tiffany’s

A college grad moves into a trendy area of New York City, only to find out his new apartment is cursed and has driven its last six tenants to commit suicide.
Based on a pitch by James Wan. Some B-list actor attached to star.

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