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Bruce Vilanch furiously penning masterpiece for Hugh Jackman’s big night

‘I want it to be just perfect!’ shrieks giddy Oscar writer

brucevilanchAfter years of writing sub-par material for the Academy Awards, Bruce Vilanch has personally challenged himself to write jokes and skits “worthy of Mr. Jackman’s handsomeness.”

“He’s just so wonderful,” said Vilanch, staring at a picture of the Wolverine star. “On the one hand, he can be really gritty, but on the other, he’s such a sweetheart. Maybe I should write myself into a dance number with him.”

When asked what type of material he was preparing for Jackman, the first non-comedian to host the Oscars in years, Vilanch laughed.

“Start with the usual topical jokes about Hollywood – some tasteful, others appropriately edgy like suggesting half the audience is gay or whatever – then let your imagination run wild,” he said. “I mean, with movies like ‘Milk’ and ‘The Wrestler,’ who knows what kind of craziness I’ll come up with!”

Vilanch then retired to his writing office wearing a hot pink shirt emblazoned with the words “hot pink shirt.”

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