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Script Track – March 30, 2010

40 Love
An over-the-hill former tennis star tries to get back on the pro circuit to impress the girlfriend of his much younger, more handsome rival.
Writer: Diane English

Barf Baggers
Revolves around people who are afraid to fly. Plot details not worked out yet.
Based on the best-selling novel.

Honey, I Ate The Kids
After a man accidentally cooks and eats his own children, he must figure out a way to tell the wife or find replacement children that look exactly like the dead ones. Broad comedy.
Writer: Bob Green

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Script Track – January 27, 2009

Dog Shrink
A disgraced psychiatrist discovers a second career as a pet shrink, only to suspect his first canine patient, a Rottweiler, is a serial cat murderer. Oh no!
Writer: Todd Rodanthe

Feelings & Emotions
A young couple goes out to dinner and spends the whole time talking about love, marriage and how they feel about companionship.
Writer: Diane English
Meg Ryan attached to star.

Uwe Boll country-western pic. Exact plot being kept under wraps, mostly because it’s so laughable it would scare off potential investors.

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Script Track – November 25, 2008

The Incredible Hick
A hillbilly who makes money selling his body for medical experiments turns into a mulleted monster every time he uses dipping tobacco.
Based on a pitch. Larry The Cable Guy attached to star.

Roses For Winter
The heart-wrenching story of a woman who falls in love with a terminally ill man who has always wanted to grow his own roses. But it’s winter and he only has two months to live…
Writer: Diane English

Raunchy vampire sex comedy.
Based on an original idea by Diablo Cody, who is very proud of the ‘wicked clever’ title, although she also liked ‘Fuckbloodies’ and ‘Neck Popsicle Crew.’

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