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Writer seeking first sale rejects manager seeking first sale

Irony lost on newbie scribe

Foot Locker cashier and aspiring screenwriter Teddy Benson recently turned down an offer of representation from a former UTA assistant-turned-manager, claiming the rep “hadn’t even sold anything yet.”

“Here I am with like eight or nine commercial, high concept scripts,” said Benson. “And this ‘rep’ wants me to put them in his hands just because he used to work in the UTA mailroom or something? How stupid do I look?”

When asked if he saw any parallel between his own situation and that of another young person trying to make his way in the business, Benson scoffed.

“I guess we’re both in our twenties, if that’s what you mean,” he said, before ringing up a pair of Nikes for a customer. “Other than that, we don’t have anything in common. Seriously, I need someone like J.C. Spink handling my career – not some no-name who will probably be back in Ohio after his management company folds next month.”

Benson is currently a resident of Iowa, but plans to move to Los Angeles after his first script “sells for like a million bucks.”


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