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Script Track – June 9, 2009

Formula 2
After being kicked off the Formula 1 circuit, a hard-charging racecar driver starts up another league for all the “bad boys” of racing.
Writer: David Mamet

A man suffers a terrible home repair accident that leaves him with a hammer where his face used to be. This is his story.
Based on a pitch by Jim Carrey.

Plotless Movie
Details not worked out yet, but project greenlit anyway.

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Script Track – April 14, 2009

The Hamburglar Goes To Jail
Based on the true story of the man behind the mask, who was incarcerated in 2006 for felony assault, but continues to proclaim his innocence.
Writer: Jared Landau

A depressed accountant is transported to a faraway land where everyone is a clone of his horrible boss. When he falls in love with the boss’s wife, the plot gets even more convoluted.
Jim Carrey attached to star.

The Adventures of Dingle & Berry
Animated Seth MacFarlane pitch.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Werewolf, That Moonlighting Byatch?
Remake of the classic film, only this time it has a gory new twist and is drenched in pop culture goodness.
Writer: Diablo Cody

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Teen watches 30% of ‘Yes Man’ between text messages

‘2bh idgi’ he texts buddies

Niles North High School senior Ted Landmeyer watched nearly a third of the Jim Carrey pic ‘Yes Man’ last night, between text messages, naps and talking with friends on his cell.

“It was kinda hard to follow,” said Landmeyer. “I mean, why is he all of the sudden saying yes to everything? Whatever, did you hear Scott Pender totally banged Lisa Steltz under the bleachers? She’s such a slut.”

According to various text messages sent by Landmeyer during the film, ‘Yes Man’ was “nf at all” and “not kewl.” Adults who went to the same viewing as Landmeyer had a different take on the experience.

“Why do these kids even bother going to movies if all they want to do is text their friends?” asked 45-year-old Ron Ellard. “It’s a complete waste of money, and it ruins the viewing experience for everyone around them.”

When asked what he thought of the movie, Ellard agreed with the teen’s general assessment.

“Not funny,” he said. “I’ll probably blog about it later on Facebook.”

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