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2009: Or Everything That Happened This Year, In Satirical Script Form


Lists are great.

But sometimes you have to experience Hollywood events in script form. Like the year of 2009, for example.

Download 2009: The Script (PDF)


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Cronenberg not willing to read Josh Olson’s fucking script

‘We do one movie together and the guy won’t leave me alone’ says director

Ever since he collaborated with screenwriter Josh Olson on ‘A History Of Violence,’ director David Cronenberg has been struggling to keep up with Olson’s numerous requests to read the latest draft of “whatever script he thinks is pure genius this week.”

“If I knew Josh was going to be this much trouble, I would’ve just written the damn movie myself,” said Cronenberg. “I mean, seriously, it was nearly five years ago and he’s still convinced I give a fuck about his third pass on some script that probably won’t get made anyway.”

Added Cronenberg: “Maybe he should join a screenwriting group or something.”

Olson, meanwhile, remains convinced Cronenberg would like his script if he just gave it a chance.

“A, it’s fucking perfect. So there’s that,” said Olson, before tossing a friend’s script in the trash, unread. “I’m not some unwashed newbie here. I’m kinda the shit. [Cronenberg] is probably just mad because I told him he’s a moron after he read one of my specs in 2007 and failed to compare it to ‘Chinatown,’ which it was far superior to, of course.”


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