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Script Track – August 4, 2009

Can’t We Just Spoon?
A successful female executive looks for love, but all the men she dates are in it solely for the sex…until she meets a hot dog vendor who might be the sensitive man of her dreams. And guess what? It turns out he’s independently wealthy!
Kate Hudson in talks to star.


A Major League pitcher moonlights as a fireball-throwing superhero.
Writer: Geoff Reynolds

Ants In My Pants
The animated tale of a 10-year-old boy who discovers a family of ants hiding in the pockets of his blue jeans, and he must help them find their way home.
Writer: Sam Holden

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Script Track – December 9, 2008

Citizen Canine
A dying dog reflects on his 14 years of life, wondering if he should have had a litter with that poodle bitch from down the block.
Writer: Peter Farelly

Some Like It Cold
Romantic comedy twist on Goldilocks and The Three Bears, in which the porridge-sipping Goldilocks falls in love with papa bear, now a widower looking after baby bear all by himself.
Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt in talks to star.

Robo Bubbe
After being injured in a horrible car accident, a 64-year-old Jewish woman undergoes surgery to replace her arms and legs with robotic limbs. The new appendages not only increase Bubbe’s ability to hug her grandkids and make matzoh ball soup – they also help her fight crime!
Writer: Deborah Grossblitzberg

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Script Track – October 21, 2008

Sextra Terrestrials
When a small town mysteriously becomes flooded with insatiable supermodels, the local “normal” women must fight to keep their men from straying into the arms of the gorgeous aliens.
Writer: Ben Wexler

Minimum Security
A CEO is sent to a minimum security prison, but when a wing of the nearby supermax prison burns down and the dangerous criminals temporarily move in, the CEO must stop the thugs from taking over.
Writers: Adam McKay, Will Ferrell
Based on an original idea by Ferrell.

Untitled Kate Hudson Romantic Comedy
Writer: Andy Tennant
Plot being kept under wraps, but may involve sickly sweet humor.

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“My Best Friend’s Girl” dominates box office for fourth straight week

Cook solidifies star status with smash hit

Nobody has ever doubted Dane Cook’s talent, but anyone still wondering if the comedian-turned-actor is a bankable star need only look at the $34 million raked in this weekend by My Best Friend’s Girl, bringing its total cume to a whopping $196 million.

“Dane is about as likeable as movie stars get,” said director Howard Deutch. “The public has proven time and time again that they want Dane Cook in their movies. That’s why we keep casting him.”

The pic, which easily held off Beverly Hills Chihuahua for the top spot, is expected to crest the $200 million plateau mid-week. While some industry observers are shocked, this comes as no surprise to Cook.

“I’m fucking awesome,” he said. “I also wax the hell out of my eyebrows.”

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