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Script Track – July 21, 2009

That’s Mr. Ficus To You!
The emotional story of a womanizer that trades places with a ficus tree on the set of a daytime talk show, and must listen to women babble on about their feelings 3 hours a day, but eventually he learns from it and “grows” into a better man. Or in this case, plant.
Writer: Kyle Jones


After a bachelor’s roommates both propose to their girlfriends, the guy’s long-term girlfriend gives him one week to give her a ring or it’s over – and his whole family flies in to convince him.
Writer: Greg Astor

A lonely bachelor’s friends arrange for him to “get lucky” with a hooker, but when it turns out the hooker is the local police chief’s desperate housewife, the top cop won’t rest until he’s driven the bachelor out of town.
Based on a pitch by Kevin James.


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