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Script Track – May 19, 2009

Animated tale about a ragtag group of farm animals that band together to save the planet from aliens.
Writer: Bobby Markum


A thriller set in the high-stakes world of Hollywood managers, where development fees, rights and commissions intermingle to create the perfect storm of confusion for one unlucky writer who dares to challenge the system.
Writer wishes to remain anonymous.

Shwing Rolls
Chocolat set in Thailand. Based on a pitch by Mike Myers.

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Script Track – April 7, 2009

Once Upon A Happy Ending
A young professional falls in love with an erotic masseuse, but his efforts to get her out of the ‘happy ending game’ become complicated when the Korean mob puts a price on his head.
Writer: Alex Duchesne

Leggo My Preggo
‘Juno’ sequel. Plot being kept under wraps.
Writer: Diablo Cody

A carpet salesman finds out he has a long-lost brother – who happens to be a midget! Mild hilarity ensues.
Based on a Mike Myers pitch regurgitated from 1994.

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Script Track – January 13, 2009

Romantic comedy about a fat guy who falls in love with a beautiful woman. Despite the fact he’s a janitor and she’s a doctor, the 300-pound dude charms his way into the woman’s heart – solely by making her laugh and “not being an asshole.”
Based on 29 different sitcoms. Kevin James attached.

A man’s father-in-law is a vindictive midget and oh the hilarity that ensues.
Writer: Mike Myers

A scientist develops a gum that works as a love potion, but also causes whoever chews it to speak in Old English.
Based on a sugar-free gum commercial from 1997.

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