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THR Video — “Indoor Dave” Webisode

A random, crude animation that chronicles the life of a slacker agoraphobe.

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‘Small Wonder’ to get big-screen reboot

News comes hot on heels of MacGyver, ALF announcements

small_wonderAccording to a recent report on IMDB.com, the somewhat-memorable 80’s sitcom Small Wonder will be coming to a theatre near you in Fall 2010 — not a moment too soon for the show’s eight remaining fans.

While the original premise centered around an adorable domesticated robot named Vickie, the upgrade will focus on Vickie’s tumultuous foray into the outside world, where she strives to be a relevant member of society in a dystopian future filled with more deadly, less adorable robots outfitted with machine guns.

“We all know Vickie is tough, as evidenced by the show’s intro where she picks up a whole couch with one hand,” said producer Mark Reynolds. “But this new world of death and destruction will really put little Vickie to the test as she struggles to avenge the murder of her entire family.”

Despite the dark tone, Reynolds insists Vickie will be cute as a button, just like we remember her.

“Unfortunately, the actress who played the original Vickie has aged 20 years since the show went off the air…through no fault of her own, of course. She wasn’t really a robot!” said Reynolds. “We’re thinking one of those Gossip Girls could play the 2010 Vickie.”

The news of a Small Wonder reboot comes just days after it was announced MacGyver, ALF and Mr. Belvedere would also be getting the big-screen treatment.

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