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Script Track – September 8, 2009

Jock Witch
A man struggles with an itch “down there” only to realize a tiny witch has been living in his pants, wreaking havoc and forcing him to be a womanizer.
Writer: Ben Harlan

A tedious drama that follows the lives of home stereo salesmen from different neighborhoods across the country, teaching us all how little we know about race, class and quality sound equipment.
Writer: Paul Haggis

National Lampoon’s Armageddon Vacation
A family trip to the beach is ruined by the apocalypse.

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Script Track – April 21, 2009

Three horny college girls bet on who can sleep with their sorority sister’s hot Dad (a DILF) first.
Writer: Sally Johnson

Early Retirement
A 35-year-old accountant decides to cash in his 401k and retire in a third world country, but he soon finds himself back at work as a goat farmer.
Based on a pitch by Danny McBride.

Hamster Man
After he’s bitten by a laboratory hamster used for cosmetic testing, a man turns into a cross between a Revlon model and a full-grown rodent.
Writer: Paul Haggis

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Script Track – November 11, 2008

A lonely computer nerd working on anti-spam software accidentally blasts his dating profile to 100 million women – with his real name attached to it! Holy fuck!
Writer: Paul Haggis

Untitled Jessica Simpson Project
Described as Legally Blonde written by a teenage girl.

Allergic To Love
An uptight career woman with no time for love meets the man of her dreams at a corporate conference in San Diego, but it turns out she is physically allergic to him.
Based on a pitch by Valerie Bertinelli. Lifetime has already put in an offer.

Wife From Hell

A man finds out his wife is the devil.
Writer: Ellis Klug

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