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Writer unable to overcome projectile vomiting during his pitch

‘I really lost the room there’ he admits

Despite his best efforts to re-engage a pair of development execs, screenwriter Kevin Linney was unable to make them forget about the projectile vomit he had spewed on their sofa just five minutes earlier.

“I guess I didn’t realize how nervous I was at the start of my pitch,” said Linney, who was caught totally off guard by the spontaneous, high-speed vomit. “After their assistant cleaned up the mess, I just couldn’t get the guys to reconnect.”

Added Linney: “It might have been the smell.”

The execs were a bit unnerved that Linney continued with the meeting after the incident.

“If that were me, I’d have been gone,” said one of them. “But this kid kept on pitching, trying to pretend like it never happened. News flash: I don’t give a fuck about a baseball-playing vampire when I’ve got pieces of regurgitated ham on my shirt.”

The other exec agreed.

“It’s kind of a new low for writers. I thought it was bad when that one woman came in wearing a pink pantsuit, but this really takes the cake.”



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