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Agent finally gets around to reading 2007 holiday card

Still hasn’t looked at 2-year-old script sent in by same writer

agent-talk-logoLiterary agent Michael Hansen made a considerable dent in his reading pile yesterday, finally opening a Christmas card sent to him in December of last year by aspiring screenwriter Phil Smithe.

“I still haven’t got to his script, though,” said Hansen. “In fact, I think I may have given it to my old assistant as a birthday present.”

According to the busy lit agent, Smithe emailed him in March to see if he’d read either the holiday card or the family comedy ‘Kidasaurus Rex’ about an elementary school student who wakes up a dinosaur with super powers.

“I told him I was halfway through the card, but I hadn’t started the script yet,” said Hansen. “He emailed me back right away thanking me for the read and reminding me that he’d recently self-published a book about dinosaurs, so the idea ‘already had some traction’ in the marketplace.”

Hansen plans to read Smithe’s 2008 holiday card sometime after he retires.


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