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Aspiring screenwriter extremely receptive to positive feedback

Not so into constructive criticism

Successful screenwriters must be adept at handling feedback, a fact not lost on 32-year-old Bob Feldman, an aspiring scribe from Tennessee who’s completely open to positive reactions to his scripts.

“A guy in my writing group said my script was really funny, especially the parts with the two teenagers talking about sex,” said Feldman. “That’s really useful, because it means my writing is great.”

But that doesn’t mean Feldman is open to all feedback. When a friend suggested he develop a stronger arc for the main character, Feldman balked.

“Look, I can’t address every single note I get. I’m not a stenographer,” he said, before listing off all the reasons why the note made no sense whatsoever. “I do agree with what [his friend] said about the ending being hilarious, though.”

Feldman is currently unrepped.


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Wife awkwardly changes subject when asked if she liked husband’s script

‘This carpet is filthy!’ she exclaims, reaching for vacuum

Aspiring screenwriter Bob Hendrickson, 48, is starting to think his wife Mary might be purposely trying to avoid giving feedback on his teen comedy “Pukeberty,” which he gave her to read in late October.

“It’s been like two months!” said Hendrickson, shouting over the Dirt Devil. “I saw you skimming it over Thanksgiving!”

Mary, who has become abnormally withdrawn ever since Hendrickson asked her to read his third script in as many months, claims to have not yet finished it.

“Maybe sometime this weekend,” she said, now loading the dishwasher. “I’m sure it’s really sad, honey.”

When Hendrickson replied that the script was a comedy, Mary laughed nervously.

“Right, right…I meant funny,” she said, a tear forming in her eye. “There’s nothing sad or pathetic about the script at all. Everything’s just fine with it, I’m sure. Just like our marriage!”

She then stormed out of the room, muttering something about her ex-boyfriend the doctor, who she recently reconnected with on Facebook.


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