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Family Guy somehow rips off 231 different TV shows in single episode

MacFarlane looking to get that number up to 300 by end of season


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Seth MacFarlane runs out of shows to steal comedy from



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Script Track – April 14, 2009

The Hamburglar Goes To Jail
Based on the true story of the man behind the mask, who was incarcerated in 2006 for felony assault, but continues to proclaim his innocence.
Writer: Jared Landau

A depressed accountant is transported to a faraway land where everyone is a clone of his horrible boss. When he falls in love with the boss’s wife, the plot gets even more convoluted.
Jim Carrey attached to star.

The Adventures of Dingle & Berry
Animated Seth MacFarlane pitch.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Werewolf, That Moonlighting Byatch?
Remake of the classic film, only this time it has a gory new twist and is drenched in pop culture goodness.
Writer: Diablo Cody

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