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‘Two and a Half Men’ episode not inspired by Shakespeare

‘It’s as if the writers aren’t familiar with any classical works whatsoever’

twohalfmenIn defiance of all logic, Monday night’s airing of Two and a Half Men marked the 102nd consecutive episode that was not inspired at all by the works of William Shakespeare, widely viewed as the greatest English language writer and the father of Western drama and comedy.

Titled “He Smelled The Ham, He Got Excited,” episode 610 fails to explore a discernible theme, instead relying on raunchy, outdated jokes about sex and the female’s role in society.

“When we say it’s not exactly Shakespeare, we mean it,” said star Charlie Sheen. “People don’t want that crap. They want jokes about crap.”

Still, critics say there’s hope for the series. Shakespeare’s influence has been seen in the show once before, in episode 13 of season one: “Sara Like Puny Alan.” The storyline is reminiscent of The Taming of The Shrew, if you invert the plot and lose 80% of the scenes.


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