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2009: Or Everything That Happened This Year, In Satirical Script Form


Lists are great.

But sometimes you have to experience Hollywood events in script form. Like the year of 2009, for example.

Download 2009: The Script (PDF)


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Script Track – November 18, 2008

Ye Olde Foreclosure
A 16th century family is forced out of their Tudor home for not paying tariffs to the King of England. Now the only way to get their dwelling back is to make a balloon payment before it is auctioned off to the local Lords.
Writer: Scott Dern

Diet Hard
An overweight security guard finds himself trapped in a Hostess factory with thieves trying to steal the secret recipe to the pastry company’s newest treat: Strawberry Twinkies.
Spoof. Based on a pitch by Craig Mazin.

Spockodile Dundee
Star Trek meets Crocodile Dundee in space. Working title.
Multiple studios swirling.

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