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Angry producer demands less original draft

‘I explicitly requested a Superbad knockoff’

A development meeting at Mosaic nearly turned into a fistfight yesterday when producer Alex White went ballistic on first-time writer Josh Ellingsley, who dared to turn in what White termed “an original take” on the prodco’s teen comedy idea.

“It’s so nice you’ve decided to add your own voice to this piece,” said White, referring to Ellingsley’s script ‘Ultranerds’ about three dorky friends who vow to rig the voting for prom king and queen so the popular kids don’t win. “I guess the only problem is that I explicitly fucking told you I wanted a ‘Superbad’ knockoff. What’s this bullshit with the cancer subplot?”

Ellingsley, who is being paid guild minimum for the job – but has yet to receive a dime – defended his plot choices.

“This is much more emotionally powerful,” he said. “I really think teens will respond to Ralphy’s plight as he battles cancer and tries to get a date for prom at the same time. It’s got heart and it’s got laughs.”

According to witnesses, White patiently waited until the tyro scribe was done talking, then mock-wiped his ass with the script, lit it on fire and spent the next twenty minutes berating Ellingsley for being “stupid, slow and retarded.”

“Alex was probably a little harsh on the kid,” said Mosaic assistant Bob Cantrell. “He probably should have stopped shouting once Josh peed himself and agreed to remove any semblance of originality.”

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Judd Apatow accidentally produces eight more films this week

Uber-producer Judd Apatow (Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up) was recently surprised to learn he has produced eight comedy features since last Thursday, two of which he himself wrote and directed.

“I like to stop by IMDB every once in a while to see my profile. That’s when I saw projects like Blue Balls and Worst Friends,” said Apatow. “I was like, ‘wait a minute, what the hell is going on here?’”

According to the Internet Movie Database, Apatow is producing Blue Balls, Worst Friends, My Crazy Ex-Wife, Damnesia, Rugburn, Suburban Gangsters, Ultradope and Speed Daters.

The only problem is that Apatow doesn’t remember being involved with any of the movies.

“I’m hoping they’re raunchy sex comedies,” he said. “I knew I had a busy few days, but this is borderline ridiculous. Is it possible to write and direct a movie on the same day? I hope so, cause Ultradope is coming out this weekend!

With many in the industry already worried about Apatow stretching his brand too thin, the glut of new flicks has some second-guessing the bold, if accidental, move.

“This reminds of that one year Woody Allen released three identical movies,” said a top studio exec. “But we’re talking about eight days here. I’m all for churning stuff out, but…aw hell, they’ll probably all be good and make a lot of money.”

Apatow is not planning to produce any additional features next week, but he probably will anyway.

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