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Script Track – December 8, 2009

A schizophrenic man is forced to take karate lessons to defend himself from his abusive alter ego.
Writer: Daniel Brennan


Half-Rambo. Half-Zombie. All Badass.
Based on a pitch by Sylvester Stallone.

Extramarital Credit

A wife gives her husband permission to sleep with another woman – if he completes a list of household chores by the end of the weekend.
Writer: Jerry Smith

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News In Brief — October 8, 2008

Scott Frank unhappy with line of dialogue on page 36
Veteran scribe Scott Frank (The Lookout, Get Shorty) couldn’t sleep a wink last night, thanks to a line of dialogue on page 36 of his work-in-progress spec “Float Hop,” the riveting tale of a boxer who loses his right foot, but overcomes the disability to win the middleweight championship of the world. “I had this joke in there about always stepping with your right foot first,” said Frank. “It was so lame. Sometimes I wish I could write more like most pro screenwriters and just not care about being lame.”

Town’s breasts 34% smaller this year
Average breast size in Orange County decreased by 34.4% compared to last year, a trend owing mostly to the rise in health care costs. Renowned plastic surgeon Jacque Perlough says he sees no end in sight to the breast shrinkage. “The government has made it nearly impossible for me to offer affordable enhancement surgeries,” he said. “My only hope is that Barack Obama is elected president this fall. Only universal health care can solve this problem.”

Stallone revives Lock Up franchise
Sylvester Stallone will reprise his role as convict Frank Leone in the upcoming sequel Lock Up 2: Solitary Confinement. According to the 61-year-old thesp, who recently brought back the Rambo and Rocky franchises, the second installment of the Lock Up series takes place “at an even more maximum security prison” and will feature “more chains, more violence and more than one surprise for longtime fans of the original.”

Agent fails to return writer’s phone call
CAA agent John Berthold did not call unproduced screenwriter Zach Teller this week, despite promising to get back to him about the comedy spec Teller submitted more than eight months ago. “I was too fucking busy,” said Berthold. “Plus I don’t remember what script that loser sent in anyway. I’m sure it sucked like most new writers’ work.” Teller plans to touch base with Berthold via email sometime next week.

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