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Creepy children tired of Hollywood stereotyping them as harbingers of doom

‘Is it my fault I don’t talk much?’ asks eerily shy 8-year-old

omenkidFrom kids with large, sad eyes to vaguely ethnic youngsters sporting bowl cuts, hundreds of creepy children recently gathered outside the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences headquarters on Wilshire to stage a rally in protest of what they deem unfair stereotyping.

“My mommy watched Poltergeist, and now she doesn’t want to be alone with me,” said Lucy Wenville, 7, as she twirled a pigtail, her gaze focused on the gray clouds above. “Mommy doesn’t like little Lucy anymore. Soon the monster will get her…”

The throng of odd-looking kids in the audience showed their support for Lucy by silently nodding their heads, without blinking, while they clutched stuffed animals.

Organizers of the event say movies like The Shining, Village of the Damned, The Omen, and scores of other classics in the horror genre have been casting certain kids in the wrong light. And the trend needs to stop, they claim.

“If they keep making bad movies about us, I don’t know what we’ll do,” said Bobby Tallon, a third grader from Pasadena. “Sometimes I get so mad…that’s when the fires happen.”


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