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Script Track – January 19, 2010

Virgin Dad
A gullible 32-year-old virgin is duped into thinking he has a son.
Writer: Emery Benson

The Whitest Space
The true story of a prolific novelist who suddenly develops writer’s block. Gripping.
Writer: Tony Gilroy

Lord of the Files
Three coworkers are locked into a remote office facility over a 3-day weekend…and only one of them will survive.
Based on the November 2004 Chicago Tribune article.

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Script Track – July 28, 2009

Christmas Tree Huggers
Set in 1969, two hippies get stuck in a small Bible Belt town during the holidays, and end up teaching the whole community how to chill out.
Writer: Greg Bombard

Elevator Wars
Rival building engineers battle for the chance to design the elevators in a new shopping mall.
Based on a Plainview Daily Chronicle article.

The Table Setters
Taut psychological thriller set in the world of New England maids. Plot being kept under wraps.
Writer: Tony Gilroy

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Script Track – May 5, 2009

Cinco de Gay-O
A homophobic lawyer mysteriously turns gay for 24 hours, and must somehow get through his company’s Cinco de Mayo festivities without cheating on his fiancée, but he also has to learn a valuable lesson that nobody – no matter their lifestyle – should be discriminated against.
Writer: Tony Gilroy

Based on the true story of a fashion reporter who had like two million Twitter followers, but gave it all up for the love of her life, a man who didn’t even have a Facebook page.
Reese Witherspoon attached to star.

A ragtag group of basketball-playing pirates have wild adventures on the high seas.
Writer: Johnny Phelps

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Script Track – February 24, 2009

The Bookkeeper
Gripping tale of one bean counter’s harrowing journey as he brings down a casual dining restaurant chain.
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Based on John Grisham’s novel of the same name.

Frank Lloyd Wrong
The world’s worst architect is commissioned to design a town’s new municipal building, only to find out he was chosen because the outgoing Mayor wants to insult the city with the ugliest building ever created.
Writer: Ben Wexler

Cougar For Hire
Plot being kept under wraps. Jennifer Aniston attached to star.

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A Quick Review Of The Week’s Top News…

SAG changes logo to double-smile in bold PR move
‘Might help with negotiations’ says guild prez



CAA celebrates 1,000,000,000th query letter rejected
Venerable agency throws lavish party to commemorate ‘ass-tightedness’



Ben Silverman back on the crunk



Grateful screenwriter finds quarter in futon



Your script dies a hero in producer’s fireplace



Gilroy takes Diablo Cody’s advice, turns to stripping
Scribe hopes it will bolster future Oscar chances



Clooney forgets to wax eyebrows for two straight weeks



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Script Track — October 14, 2008

FRANKENSTEIN meets POISON IVY. Based on a pitch by Adam Herz. Paris Hilton in talks to star.

Smoothest Operator

Writer: Adam McKay
A hapless brain surgeon gets love lessons from one of his patients, a professional football player.

The Brown McNeil Paradox
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Taut political thriller based on Brown McNeil’s 1974 book about the inner workings of Washington realtors.

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Clooney not sure screenplay is preachy enough

Choosing the right role is difficult for any actor, even megastar George Clooney, as evidenced by a recent dilemma Clooney faced after reading a political thriller spec from Tony Gilroy.

“It was a great piece of material,” said the 47-year-old star of such films as Syriana and Michael Clayton. “I just don’t know if it’s preachy enough. I want to make people change their minds about something because I know what’s good for them, and I don’t know if this script does that.”

Off camera, Clooney is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, an affable leading man harkening back to the Golden Era of moviemaking. When it comes to his movies, however, the star is militant about his material.

“Oh I’ll do the occasional popcorn movie like Ocean’s or whatever,” he said. “But important films are important too. This script Tony [Gilroy] sent me is gripping and all, but where’s the controversy? Where’s the subversion? No, no, no, this won’t do. I’d rather do Ocean’s 14, to be honest.”

Clooney is reportedly working on a script about Venezuelan-American relations with first time scribe and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

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