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Hot chick turned on by unemployed writer’s dedication

‘So you’ve been doing this unpaid for six years? Here’s my number!’

Hooters waitress Allison Brenner recently found herself attracted to unemployed writer Bob Smith, after learning Smith had been writing screenplays for half a dozen years, despite not earning a single penny from it.

“Talk about irresistible,” said Brenner, fawning over the 29-year-old scribe as he shoveled wings into his mouth. “So he hasn’t made any money. Big deal. Who wants some rich lawyer or accountant when I can have a man with real passion and tons of untapped potential?”

Added Brenner: “So what if he’s bald. Most artists are!”

Smith, who makes a living as an office temp in the greater Los Angeles area, wasn’t surprised at Brenner’s reaction.

“The ladies like a man with a plan,” he said. “Once I start selling some specs and move into directing, her decision to date me will pay off. She’s getting in on the ground floor here. Benderspink is reading one of my scripts right now, actually.”

When asked what else she liked about Smith, the gorgeous Venice native gushed.

“Oh he’s really intense about his work,” she said. “One time he spent a whole year rewriting the same idea, over and over. Plus he’s a fast typer. A guy like that…those must be some magic fingers.”


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