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Male writer decides to add female message board handle

Guy behind ‘BennyBob12’ and ‘TheFuzzy1’ adopts ‘ScribblyGurrl’ persona


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Screenwriter’s message board handle much more successful than him

Alter ego wise beyond actual writer’s years

Aspiring screenwriter John Brenner last visited Hollywood seven years ago, during which time he had coffee with a guy who was one of 14 associate producers on Home Alone 3. Brenner’s online alter ego ‘AListerGuy’, however, is much more accomplished.

“I’ve been in countless meetings with top producers,” AListerGuy recently posted on Done Deal Pro. “Gather round, children, for I am about to dispense precious wisdom gleaned from years of developing material with producers, studios, actors and reps.”

Never shy about offering advice to newbies, AListerGuy has also driven four actual, working screenwriters away from the boards.

“No offense, but your movies are crap,” AListerGuy posted in January of 2007 in a thread about production costs. “They shouldn’t spend another dime on one of your scripts. I mean, I respect your work ethic, but the only reason you’re successful is because of your connections. Well guess what? I have connections too, and they all say you’re a shitty writer. These are TOP studio executives, my friend. So maybe it’s time you get off your high horse.”

Brenner is currently seeking representation with his spec script ‘Blazing Paddles.’

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